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South Sudan stops oil production over dispute with Sudan

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Read my @Storify story: “South Sudan stops oil production over dispute with Sudan”  


Written by Stephanie Caspelich

January 31, 2012 at 1:04 am

East Africa Today

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For the next few months, I will be covering the news from countries in East Africa. I’ve chosen to focus on stories developing in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan. The challenge in the coming weeks is to report events as they unfold in a world from which we are so far removed yet whose humanity tugs at the very core of our being. As a citizen of the world and as an emerging journalist, it is my responsibility to learn about the plight of fellow human beings and bring to light their triumphs, their pain, their struggles. Through my writing, I hope to spark an interest and continued vigilance on the issues that plague the region of East Africa.

The most recent stories coming out of this area cover the effects of widespread drought and famine, poverty, political unrest caused by warring ethnic groups and government factions, violence against foreign nationals and locals by way of kidnapping, rape and murder, graft and corruption and updates on International Criminal Tribunal for Rwandaand International Criminal Court (Kenya).

I will be following Jeffrey Gettleman (@gettleman), East Africa bureau chief of The New York Times; Tom Rhodes (@africamedia_cpj), East Africa consultant for the Committee to Protect Journalists; David Smith (@SmithInAfrica), Africa correspondent for The Guardian; and Jina Moore (@itsjina), print and multimedia correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor.

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